Have you been struggling with the motivation and focus to achieve your dreams?

Has life got you confused as to what you should do next?

Continue reading for you if you’re looking for inspiration to focus your attention to achieve goals and build momentum in your life.

It is one of my deepest held beliefs that what we hold in our hearts and think in our minds will eventually become our words and our reality. There have been many outcomes in life that started as a thought in my mind, and eventually I was able to hold it in my hands. When I took consistent steps to engrain new actions into my life, these actions became unconscious and effortless. Later, this effortlessness led to achieving outcomes which were previously only a thought in my mind.

I am not in the business of prescription, I am in the business of description. All the long-lasting change that has occurred in my life has come from innerstanding ‘why’ I am taking an action, not from someone telling me to do something because they believe it is the right thing to do. When I believe in my own ‘why’ and choose to take action, the change is effortless. In fact, when I am inspired and motivated by my own conviction I will stop at almost nothing to see my vision into reality.

As humans, I believe we have the choice to engage in purposeful behavior. This means we are living a life in a praxeological way, rather than in a reflexive way to the events that are happening to us. In order to live life this way, I believe it’s important to have a strong mind to filter your thoughts and actions. Otherwise, your life will become a downward spiral or weak and negative thoughts and behaviors, or you’ll be living a life that is not your own, but the product of what other people think and believe you should be. I’ve experienced both of these in my life, and let me tell you, it feels like a hopeless place to live.

I’d like to share two tools with you that have been helpful to me along the way. One of them is a short-term tool to help kickstart your engine and build momentum, and the other is a long-term project that if done repeatedly can drastically shift the trajectory of your life.

SHORT-TERM TOOL: Take the Most Important Next Step (M.I.N.S.)

Write down or think about any goal that you have, preferably one that can be accomplished in 5 minutes or less. Most big goals in life are a combination of many smaller steps that take 5 minutes of less to complete. Now think about the Most Important Next Step to move closer to achieving this goal – write it down, take that action immediately or as soon as possible.

If this is a new way of thinking for you then you’ll see some early success as you consciously think about your goals and take little action steps to move closer to achieving them. As you have success by taking small, important steps forward you’ll be able to see life from a new perspective and set new goals.

This process becomes most powerful when it is a unconscious behavior, like a program you run in your mind to solve any challenge or achieve any goal.

Pro tip: ‘Chunking’ is a process I learned while studying neurolinguistic programming (NLP) which creates a hierarchy of ideas and relationship among thoughts and behaviors. The theory is that we can ‘chunk up’ to find agreement and connection, and ‘chunk down’ to find more details and distinctions. If your goals seem to be too unattainable or you’re having trouble finding a M.I.N.S. then chunk down until you can see a clear action step. On the other hand, if you’re next action steps seem meaningless to the bigger picture, then you may need to chunk up.

LONG-TERM TOOL: Design a Life Blueprinting

In short, it is a series of exercises that you can complete and compile together in one location to gain perspective on important aspects of your life, such as your values, goals, purpose, mission, and vision. I believe that the time I have spent developing my life blueprint has paid exponential dividends on the health, wealth, love, and happiness I experience in my life, and the impact I have made on others. My life blueprint is a tool that I have carried with me around the globe and it has blessed my life again and again.

If you’d like to see an example of my life blueprint and learn how to start building your own life blueprint, click here.

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