Have you ever asked yourself, What am I here for? What is my purpose?

You probably have, and for a moment you have probably caught a glimpse of how you can help others you love, or the world. I’m going to guess that it wasn’t about you, but probably about being of service to something or someone else. In that moment, I bet you were the happiest you’ve ever been because you were filled with passion, inspiration and joy.

But, there is something that is holding you back from staying in that place and actualizing your dreams into reality on a constant, consistent basis to reach your potential.

What is that thing?

Maybe it’s not the right information, maybe its not the right tribe or community, maybe its that you need some accountability. Maybe, you need to meet some mentors or read the right books. Maybe, maybe, maybe…

I know that I have needed all of these things. I had to learn constantly to continue to grow. Before I worked in the gym, before I learned how to sell and market, before I wrote books, before I did anything I just had to keep learning and becoming fit to be what I wanted to be.

This is the purpose of this organization, to take this process and simplify it for myself and share that with others. To take the accumulation of my knowledge and experience and share that with the world.

I have fallen flat on my face, and got back up again to learn something from it. Now I will take this to a fellowship of people so that we can all be capable beyond all of the excuses, beyond all the bullshit, and beyond all of the things that you tell yourself about why you are not doing what you know you can, you should, and you know you will be able to do.

That’s the point of what I am here to share.

For some of you who apply and are chosen to join this community with us, we are going to go on a wild and incredible journey together. This journey is going to take us around the world. It’s going to include access to the best coaching, seminars, summits, reading lists, retreats, courses, and accountability from the best coaches.

Everything that has helped me is now going to be available to help you. We are going to share it with you through our blueprinting process to get to know you. The better we get to know you the more we can share with you.

That’s the point, to share it with you. It’s not to hold it all ourselves, keep secrets. No! It’s to give what we have for the greater good of all. That’s the point.

It all starts with the body. Your body. Your home. Your temple.

It has to start here. This body must have enough energy, health and vitality to be able to be in abundance, give and serve, and show everyone else that their body can be healthy and abundance. This is why it always starts with yourself.

One of the greatest gifts you could ever give is to show people what is possible.

We’ll start with a thorough intake of your habits and motivation, assessment of your movement patterns, and begin to share resources to help you have the best body and nutrition for energy. We’ll have support from functional medicine doctors and meet weekly to go through practices together to keep our bodies fit.

We’ll then go to the mind to crack the self limiting beliefs, fears and things that are preventing you from thinking about situations in unique and novel ways to get out of the suffering we create for ourselves.

We can go into the emotional body through relationships, love and create a system and structure that supports you in the greatest happiness and ability to serve, find your partner and tribe, teammates, loves, and share this mission together.

We can go deeper and make it about being spiritually fit. Which has nothing to do with religion, and everything to do with opening yourself to a greater force in and around us. To go on a journey to find peace, happiness, and justice for all.

We will do this together. We will learn together, grow together, sweat together, and ultimately become what we dream of together!

Each of us is a hero in our own life. We each show up and serve in our own ways, but all collectively contribute to the greater good.

It’s possible because we can each test ourselves to find our uniqueness. It’s through living life, learning and growing that we know what potential we are capable of in this life.

You have to be fit to make a powerful and positive impact.

We are here to to learn together, grow together and build our future so that we can all come together for the good of all.

I can’t wait to meet you on the inside and share this with all of you!

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