Shawn Tolleson – Tolleson Health Advisors

Michael Zipursky – Consulting Success

Delivering Happiness

Steven Morris – Matter Co

Steven Bowen – Models Method


Infinite Marketing

Sales Options:

  1. $12,000 Yearly (DD $9,995 or $1,000/month)
  2. $4,000 (DD $2,995 or $$1,333/monthly)
  3. $1,000 Course Access
  4. Health Coaching Consulting Services
  5. Business Consulting Services

Full-Service Health and Wellness Concierge

Health & Wellness Consulting

Sales Operations and business planning

Executive Coach and consultant

Key questions and challenges

Our experienced professionals have a thorough understanding of the challenges facing companies in the health and wellness marketplace. We encourage our clients to ask themselves a few key questions:

  • How do we best respond to evolving consumer needs in a segment characterized by high levels of consumer confusion and rapid innovation? How do we evolve our offer to account for the different preferences of the next generations of consumers (Millennials and Gen Z)?
  • What is our strategy to win in a marketplace that is evolving rapidly as outside entrants from other segments (e.g., food, pharma) and/or other regions move aggressively to stake their claims?
  • How do we optimize our pricing and promotional strategies to maximize value and create win-win solutions for brands and retailers?
  • How do we best position ourselves for growth given the ongoing rise of Amazon/ecommerce in the specialty nutrition category? How do we develop direct-to-consumer channels?

We are here to provide value by build relationships and serving. If this resonates with you, then reach out because we could be a great fit. We can help you dial in your health and see real growth so that you don’t have to spin your wheels any longer or feel like you are treading water. Instead we can lay out a plan together and show you how to start taking action.

In fact, I’d like to welcome you to schedule a complimentary free call where we will jump on the phone with you, talk about your situation and what the next steps are that you can take to improve your health in a real, meaning and tangible way.

So if you’d like to see progress, grow from where you are and see what that looks like then just reach out to us to schedule a free complimentary call to explore the next level of success and results that you’re seeking.

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