Our Logo

The Hummingbird

When we set out to create our corporate symbol, we knew it needed to be special. Something unique. Something bold. An icon that would represent our company, our people, our products and services in a way that would set us apart from our competition in a deeply meaningful way – that would resonate on many levels and be more than simply graphically interesting.

Juxtaposed with standing apart and standing out, we also wanted to create unity, and ensure that everyone who saw our symbol felt they were part of something bigger – not only a positive emotion, but a sense of unwavering strength and confidence.

We considered hundreds of options looking for the right fit. We explored abstract shapes and variations for our brand. We perused Greek and Latin and other ancient civilizations for symbolic synergy. We looked to nature, both plants and animals for inspiration.

Through it all, one symbol continued to rise to the top: the hummingbird. The more we studied it, the more we recognized that this little creature’s unique attributes embodied the characteristics we prize most highly: agility, adaptability, vigor, energy, and ability to work quickly and productively. Like our people and customers, “hummers” are recognized as truly amazing and productive creatures.

It all came into focus when we aligned the distinctive traits of the hummingbird with the distinctive traits that make up of our brand—our people and our customers—a uniquely impactful force. The hummingbird became the iconography we felt best depicts us and embodies so many distinguishing elements that set us apart.

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